Keeping Teeth Straight Post-Invisalign Treatment

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In recent years, Invisalign treatment has emerged as a much better option than traditional metal braces for individuals interested in straightening their teeth. The customized therapy needs patients to wear clear aligners that slowly push their teeth into their correct positions over time. While the duration of treatment typically ranges between patients, people undertaking the treatment will generally get a unique set of aligners every two weeks or so until their treatment ends.

What Happens After Invisalign Treatment?

As is the case with traditional braces, the purpose of Invisalign is to give patients their most pleasing smile at the end of their treatment. While your treatment plan will include an endpoint, you’ll probably continue to see your orthodontist after that date. Because you’ll have to wear retainers to contain your teeth from moving back into their earlier crooked positions.

Where Do I Get My Retainers?

As a patient of McCaffrey Orthodontics, you won’t have to search anywhere else to get post-treatment retainers. Instead, you can just get your retainers at our dental office.

Although there are different types of retainers available, most of our Invisalign patients use the retainers provided by us after their treatment is over. Like Invisalign aligners themselves, our retainers are also nearly invisible to the people even when they’re standing close to you. Made with proper material, retainers are stronger which makes them the best choice to maintain a beautiful smile after Invisalign treatment straightens your smile.

How Long Do I Have to Wear Retainers?

Just like there is no single set Invisalign treatment procedure that’s right for every patient, there isn’t a one-time course for wearing retainers after the treatment. Invisalign orthodontist will give guidance on how long you’ll have to wear your retainers based on your special case.

As a general practice, patients get instructed to wear their retainers all the time immediately after they conclude their Invisalign treatment. The more your teeth settle into their new place, the less you’ll have to wear your retainers. Over time, you might only have to wear your retainers when you sleep. 

Although it is possible, you should know that your teeth will continue to move as you age. It is a natural element of the aging process, which generally results in teeth shifting forward. To keep your teeth in the proper place, you must wear your retainers.

Invisalign Treatment In West Palm Beach, FL

Invisalign treatment may take a while like any other orthodontic treatment, but in the end, you get the most satisfying results. Many patients ask our orthodontists about post-Invisalign treatment, so we suggest in order to maintain a straight-aligned set of teeth, you must wear retainers for a while to keep your teeth in their new place for a lifetime.

At our dental office in West Palm Beach, FL, all our old & new patients are concerned about post-Invisalign treatment & ask our orthodontists if their aligned teeth will remain straight, how painful is the Invisalign treatment, and how long they have to wear Invisalign. Our orthodontists provide them with proper knowledge of the procedure & when the patient gets satisfied they move on to the first step of Invisalign treatment. If you also have some queries do not hesitate to contact us & schedule an appointment.