8 Reasons Not To Try DIY Orthodontics

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DIY Orthodontics

Do you want to achieve a straighter smile? Braces are the most reliable option. However, few people think orthodontic work is not affordable, which drives them to try DIY orthodontics as a more affordable alternative. But, these remedies are not safe and can damage your teeth.

What Are DIY Braces?

DIY braces are when people use household objects to fasten and move their teeth to the desired location. People often use the following materials:

  • Superglue
  • Rubber bands
  • Hair elastics
  • Dental floss
  • Fishing line
  • Earring backs
  • Paper clips

These materials are not designed for your teeth. It can degrade or break down because of the acidity in the saliva. These objects are not sterile. It can also dislodge and cause infections

No matter how tempted you feel to save some money, you shouldn’t try DIY braces. You should just leave it to the professionals, there’s a reason they have so many years of schooling and training before they can work on your teeth. This is why they can give you your desired results without any damage. There are different types of orthodontic braces to choose from, and the orthodontist in West Palm Beach will help you find the perfect match for you.

8 Reasons Not To Try DIY Orthodontics

  • Don’t Believe Everything You See

No matter how many before and after photos you see online, there’s no way of knowing the damage caused by these materials. The health of your teeth goes beyond the appearance of your smile. There can be severe damage to your teeth and jaw structure. Doing DIY braces on your own can lead to several problems down the line.

  • Unsupervised Tooth Movement Is Dangerous

Straightening or moving your teeth without the help of a professional can be dangerous. It has to be precise. If you move them too fast or move them into the wrong position, you might end up making things worse. This will damage your bone and gums making bite issues worse.

  • Extreme Pain & Discomfort

DIY Orthodontics can be painful. Unlike traditional orthodontic care, where dentists customised the treatment according to your smile, which gradually straightens your teeth without putting immense pressure on your jaw. However, most home fixes for crooked teeth provide overnight results but cost you the ability to talk, eat, and sleep.

  • Increased Risk For Infection

If your teeth are forced or not moved correctly, it can cause extreme pressure on your gum, which can lead to infections. If you have any underlying issues with your teeth or gums, it’ll be unidentified, and doing DIY braces will make matters worse. The risk of infection is also high when these unsterile materials are placed on your teeth to shift them. There’s no saying what kind of germs and bacteria are on them, and you don’t know what materials you may be allergic to.

With the help of an orthodontist, you can be sure that the materials placed on the teeth are sterilized. You will also have the added benefit of a thorough oral examination, which will determine if your teeth and gums are healthy.

  • Will Cost You More

Even if DIY braces are cheap, the force it puts on your teeth can be damaging to your oral health. Although orthodontic treatments may be expensive, if you opt for a DIY remedy, it can end up costing you a lot more as you might lose teeth. Replacing a missing tooth or teeth can cost a fortune. This is why you should always trust the expertise of the orthodontist. If you cause irreversible damage, you will end up with a smile worse than before. Therefore, it’s better to get orthodontic treatment or no treatment at all.

  • The AAO Issued An Official Warning

In the current age of DIY, making your own braces has become a popular choice among people. However, the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) has issued an official warning against DIY braces.

  • Speech Impediments

If your teeth move too rapidly or move into the incorrect position, it can affect your speech. DIY braces can cause drastic changes and cause impediments in the way you speak. With professional orthodontic treatment, you can get straight teeth and have clear speech without any lisps, slurs, or speech issues.

  • Opt For Safer Alternatives

If you have a safer way to straighten your teeth, why risk your teeth and cause gloominess? With a little research, you can find the best orthodontist who will provide you with the best service and treatment for your teeth. You can always look for a team who will work with you to understand your dental concerns and provide you with the best treatment.

Get The Best Smile With The Help Of An Orthodontist

We hope you understood the dangers of homemade braces and why they aren’t a good idea. If you want a straight smile, you can always get the help of orthodontists in West Palm Beach, FL. they are specifically trained to provide you with safe and effective ways to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.