Know Everything About Emergency Orthodontic Care

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Emergency Orthodontic Care

More than millions of people in the United States have braces, and almost a quarter of them are grown-ups. And that stands to reason because wearing braces is one of the most promising therapies for your smile and your general oral health. 

Every once in a bit, things can go wrong. But even though damaged braces may seem like an orthodontic emergency, it’s not as critical a situation as you may think.

To explain the contrast between minor issues and serious orthodontic emergencies, our team at the Orthodontic office in West Palm Beach, Florida, offers some guidelines, so you learn how to address common issues and what to do when a real orthodontics emergency occurs.

Here are the Orthodontic cases that need a phone call and a visit, but are NOT emergencies:

  • Loose Bracket: Apply some gentle wax 
  • Poking Wire: Press it down with a clean pencil eraser, and wrap it with soft wax.
  • Open Wires: Turn loose wires back into place with small pliers, closed with dental floss, & cover with wax
  • Damaged Headgear: Remove it & talk to your dentists to get you a new one.

Orthodontic Emergency Care

When your orthodontic issue is more complex than a few loose or poking brackets or wires, you may require prompt attention. 

Here’s what comprises a valid orthodontic emergency:


If your gums or inner cheek exhibit symptoms of infection, you need to reach in straight away. Look for white ulcers, pimple-like bumps, and inflamed or oozing tissue, as these are evident indicators you have an infection. Rinse your mouth with warm saltwater and call us instantly.

Extreme Pain

Moderate soreness is normal when you wear braces, but severe pain is not, and it doesn’t occur very frequently. If you feel unusual pain, it may point to some other issue, such as infection or other dental issues. Call us for the best emergency orthodontic care in West Palm Beach, FL, so we can get to the bottom of what’s driving your pain.


If you’ve been through an accident or have taken a blow to your face and are bleeding heavily, get emergency medical care help. Then, as soon as you’re secure and sound, call us, so we can take prompt action and restore or remove your braces so you can recover. 

How to Prevent Orthodontic Emergencies

Most orthodontic emergencies are preventable. Wearing your seatbelt while traveling, a helmet while riding a motorbike, and a mouthguard while playing sports is key to maintaining your braces intact and your mouth free from damage.

Wearing your headgear for the specified number of hours is also essential, because the more you wear it, the quicker you’ll get accustomed to it and get beyond the awkward stage.

Avoiding hard, sticky, chewy foods is also a must, as these things can easily damage your braces and induce injury, & can also delay your treatment. 

Emergency Orthodontic Care In West Palm Beach

If you have any queries or problems about your braces or orthodontic treatment & need orthodontic emergency care, contact us right away or book an in-person consultation online today.