Benefits Of Early Orthodontic Treatment

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Early Orthodontic Treatment

Are you worried about your child’s teeth? Early orthodontic treatment will ensure your child’s beautiful smile. It is a great way to spot any problems in their developing mouth and treat them before they get worse. At McCaffrey Orthodontics, we understand your child needs an orthodontist who can handle all of their unique dental issues, therefore we provide the best orthodontist in West Palm Beach, FL, to ensure your child’s smile. 

What Is An Early Orthodontic Treatment?

An early orthodontic treatment takes place between the age of six and ten. It can fix dental issues such as:

  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Crowded, misplaced teeth 
  • Issues while chewing or biting 
  • Premature or delayed loss of baby teeth 
  • Thumbsucking Habits 

Early orthodontic treatment can solve a lot of dental problems that may surprise you! Following are a few ways your child can benefit from a visit to the orthodontist  

Early Identification

Suppose there are any critical problems in the development of your child’s jaw or mouth, it can cause long-term damage. Identifying these problems early will protect your child’s teeth from potential surgeries or complications in the long run. At McCaffrey Orthodontics, our orthodontist will pay close attention to your kid’s teeth and jaw alignment so they won’t have any problems in the future.

Helps With Speaking

If your child’s jaw or teeth are not aligned, it can be one of the leading causes of speech difficulties. For instance, it can cause lisps, slurs, or mispronounce certain letters. However, orthodontic treatments can help to correct teeth and jaw alignment while they are still developing. It is the best way to ensure they won’t have any difficulties in expressing themselves. Visit us today to get your child’s early orthodontic examination near West Palm Beach, FL.

Lowers Risk Of Tooth Decay

If your child’s teeth are crooked or misaligned, it may be difficult for them to clean tough-to-reach spots, which may compromise their oral hygiene. This may increase the risk of tooth decay. Crooked teeth can cause serious health risks, which is why it is important to get your child’s teeth examined by an orthodontist by the age of seven. Preventive dentistry and braces can ensure your child’s oral health and make sure their permanent teeth are headed on the right track.

Reduces Teeth Grinding

If your child suffers from frequent headaches or neck pains, it may be due to teeth grinding. Teeth grinding can be caused due to misalignment. If left untreated, it can cause several problems in the future. It is vital to ensure this habit stops with the help of braces or elastic, which will shift your child’s jaw back into its optimal position and relieve them of this pain.

Corrects Harmful Oral Habits

Thumbsucking is a common habit among children and is most likely to stay until age five. However, if this habit continues beyond the age of five, it can cause serious damage to their teeth. Braces can correct this habit and ensure your child doesn’t suffer from misaligned teeth or jaw issues. To ensure your child’s teeth are fixed before any permanent damage, visit our orthodontist in West Palm Beach, FL. 

Guides Adult Teeth

If your child loses their baby teeth, it is time to start early orthodontic treatment for your child to ensure there is proper guidance for their permanent ones. Braces can help guide those teeth into the proper position, which will straighten your child’s teeth and keep their jaw aligned. This will help your child maintain oral hygiene and helps them build a perfect smile for their future.

Early orthodontic treatment can provide you with the following results:

  • Create room for erupting teeth
  • Maintains facial structure by influencing jaw development
  • Reduced risk for tooth removal or treatment time with braces.

Orthodontist In West Palm Beach, FL

Once you are at McCaffrey Orthodontics, you no longer need to worry about your child’s teeth! We will make ensure your child feels free and welcomed at our office. Schedule a complimentary consultation for your child’s early orthodontic treatment in West Palm Beach, FL. Contact us today to meet Dr. Kevin McCaffrey, who will ensure your child will set out on the right path to good oral health and a beautiful smile.